Robust fraud prevention across your financial estate

Financial fraud is a major risk for every business, but especially SMEs who often don't have the resource to undertake even the most basic governance.

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Manage your compliance and fraud resilience

We ensure good governance checks are performed in real-time across your commercial estate

Internal fraud governance

We undertake objective analysis of financial trends, user activity, and spend behaviour to identify and highlight anomalies.

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External fraud governance

We perform rigorous automated checks on your suppliers and customers, including the individuals who control them.

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Spend analysis

Benchmarking of your spend patterns to ascertain unusual or unexpected payment requests.

Customer validation

Deep analysis into your customer base to reduce the risk of bad debt or fraudulent purchases.

Supplier checks

Validation of your supply chain to identify imitation companies, fraudulent businesses, or sanctioned geographies.

Invoice scanning

Automated scanning of invoices to validate sender information and authenticity.

Financial hygiene

Identification of mis-categorised payments or transactions, including user error or malicious intent.

Behaviour analytics

Baselining of your user behaviour to enable unusual activity to be identified, including filing and processing.

We integrate with key platforms to perform vital checks

We are continuously adding new integrations to streamline our analysis and improve data coverage. Contact us for more information.

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